The Ootsiders 12 Nights of Christmas Sleep Oot

Some friends and myself slept rough for 12 nights in December …. The Ootsiders 12 Nights of Christmas Sleep-Oot and raised just over £9,000 in Donations which are being used to Make and Donate The Ootsider Sleeping Coat to guys Sleeping Rough.

During the time sleeping rough we met and slept alongside a number of guys whose life is spent on the streets, not just doing it to raise awareness and donations. We learned so much about the reasons folks are forced into this way of life caused by reasons  not always of their own volition. These guys were once like you and me …. with a job, a home, a family until bad luck and misfortune happened.  

Whilst a few, albeit very few, choose this way of life, for the majority its through necessity as the only other options open to them are worse than sleeping on the street, exposed to all the dangers that brings with it.

I personally learned a lot, but the one memory I’ll take with me is how humble each and every one of them were. 

Together we can achieve more. 

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