The Ootsider is 1 Year Old

On Wednesday 7th June, 2023 The Ootsider was one year old … and what a fantastic journey these past 12 months have been. 

One of highs and lows, acceptance and rejection. 

Of meeting great people on, and off the streets, hearing some heart warming as well as some horrendous stories, but most importantly getting a better understanding and experiencing what it’s like to be living the life of someone sleeping rough.  

Most of the folks I’ve met and chatted with are sleeping rough due to unfortunate circumstances they find themselves in, and I’m going to say normal things that could happen to anyone of us at anytime … relationship break-ups, losing their job, mental health issues, running up debts. These are everyday people doing everyday things until something breaks and just like that … they’re sleeping on the streets. 

Yeah there’s other options like shelters, hostels, but think about it, what are these options really like if you’re opting to sleep on the streets rather than chose one of them? 

However, through YOUR support and generosity together we’ve donated over 100 Ootsider Sleeping Coats helping make 100 folks in this situation lives that little bit more bearable that little bit more comfortable. 

Something that has really struck a chord with me and a common theme in the chats I’ve had with the guys is it’s not just the benefits of the coat they value, but the fact that people … you … who have donated, supported, and not judged them … but  have given them HOPE 

Hope … that someday they’ll have a job again

Hope … that someday they’ll have a home again

Hope … that someday     they’ll have somebody special in their lives again. 

What a gift you’ve given … without ever realising, and for that I thank you on their behalf. 

So what do we have in store for the next 12 months ??     Well that’s for tomorrow and all the other tomorrow’s bookmark our page and pop back now and again to see how we’re doing, and in the meantime

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  • Tell your friends,tell strangers, tell folks you don’t even like 

And if you are able to,  and only if you can …make a donation. The amount of the donation doesn’t matter, because what you are giving is a gift of hopeand that’s priceless.

Thank . John

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