Robe for Wheelchair Users

I’ve been working with Sheila Cameron since the middle of December on modifying The Ootsider Multifunction Robe so it could be ‘easily’ used by Wheelchair Users such as herself. We made a few ‘tweaks’ to the Multifunction Robe, and today I went through with the sample for Sheila to try out …. and she was delighted with it.
Sheila mentioned to me a common problem with folks in wheelchairs is cold feet and the wind blowing around their legs, so having The Ootsider with the bottom section attached, and being waterproof and windproof kept her dry and toasty.“… That’s just brilliant …” she said.
We’ve identified a couple of additional tweaks that would make a difference, so I’ll get the garment modified then we’ll try it oot again before making them available on the website.
Thanks for all your continued support.And remember ….. Together we can achieve more. John

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