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Hand-Made in Scotland

Welcome to The Ootsider, an ethical non-profit Community Interest Company. We make thoughtfully designed high-performance waterproof, breathable, luxurious teddy fleece style lined changing robes and coats popular with wild swimmers, equestrians, dog walkers, festival goers and other folks who value quality and community.

When you buy from The Ootsider, we invest all net income in making our unique Ootsider sleeping coats, which we donate free to vulnerable homeless people living on the streets.

All our garments are individually hand-made in Scotland.

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The Ootsider

The Selkie has evolved from our original changing robe, enhanced as new materials have become available. The Selkie, is most popular with wild swimmers, cold water therapy lovers and many others looking for a high quality, beautifully made and detailed, fully featured robe. The Selkie is roomy enough to change clothes whilst zipped inside. 

The Ootsider

The new Kelpie has been thoughtfully designed based on feedback from equestrians. The Kelpie has the benefit on zips on each side and leg straps to keep you comfortable in the saddle. Just like our other garments, the Kelpie is designed to protect you from the elements whatever your activities. The Kelpie is, of course, hand-made in Scotland.

The Ootsider

The Yelpie is a coat designed for the comfort of dog walkers, touchline sports spectators and people enjoying similar activities in the great outdoors. It’s fantastic to wear even just going to the shops.

In common with our other garments, the Yelpie is waterproof, windproof, breathable, fleece lined and has taped seams and nicely detailed embroidery.

Just want to make a Donation .... no problem

Fashion with compassion

 When you buy one of our products, you not only get a thoughtfully designed, beautifully constructed garment that is hand-made in Scotland, you also directly contribute to improving the wellbeing, comfort and dignity of vulnerable people sleeping rough on the streets.

All net income from the sale of our garments goes directly to make our unique Ootsider Sleeping Coats – a coat which turns into a sleeping bag by attaching a foot section which also doubles as a bag. The bag can also be used as a seat, pillow or bed for a pet.

You may not be looking to purchase today, although you can still give a gift of kindness by making a donation. 100% of donations go towards funding sleeping coats.

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